Welcome to National Safety Consultants Inc.

National Safety Consultants Inc. has been engaged in helping organizations achieve
workplace safety performance excellence since 1980.  

Our proven
Management-Based Safety process enables organizations to easily
institutionalize a safety management performance improvement system, that leads to
sustained performance excellence. Other
Safety Culture services and tools include:
On-site Safety Culture Assessments, Safety Climate Surveys, Management of Safety 360
Degree Reviews and
Executive Coaching. To augment our safety culture improvement
services, we provide organizations numerous
Course and Seminar offerings.     

National Safety Consultants also offers clients, law firms, and insurers high level
Support and expert witness services.

Finally, various services and
Products that we provide are designed to assist:
organizations, leaders, managers, supervisors and safety, health and environmental

Our proven services and products help our clients and their
organizations to:  

  • Minimize worker incidents and injuries.

  • Lower property damage incidents and costs.

  • Reduce insurance costs, premiums, and experience ratings.

  • Enhance regulatory compliance.

  • Promote conformance to rules and procedures.

  • Improve management/labor relations.

  • Increase morale.

  • Boost organizational productivity.

  • Attain Safety Management System criteria and recognition.

  • Improve overall managerial and supervisory effectiveness.

  • Successfully litigate cases involving workplace incidents.

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